June 23, 2018
I recently came across the following quote “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ― Maya Angelou This is my new goal in life. Not to conform to be normal, but to be amazing and I hope to inspire you to be amazing too.

Preparing For The Summer Holidays

I can't believe it. We're just weeks away from the end of another school year and time to start preparing for the summer holidays.

As not so little Miss finished Year for and is ready to go up into Year 5 (her birthday is in November so she missed out on the year ahead); it will also be the end of the first year for little Mr.

He had done really well settling in, and loves going to school - we never had any problem what so ever. I think, what will be the issue is the 6 weeks break that will soon be upon us. We've always found not so little Miss gets bored after a couple of weeks, so we've always had to think of things - but the change in routine for little Mr is really going to hit hard (as will the going back to school after the 6 weeks).

So, we always do a few things in preparation for the 6 weeks holiday... which I will list now (as this is what this post is about 🙂 )

1) Days off work

So, my wife is a stay at home mom and is the carer for our son. As it goes, she did try a role recently but it didn't fit in with our needs for our son. So, I'm the worker in the house which means I miss out on quite a bit really. However, when it comes to the 6 weeks of holidays (and some of the end of term holidays also) I always pre-book many days off.

What I try to do is never work more than a 4 day week through the 6 weeks and many weeks I only do 3 day weeks. What this means is that I'm around so we can do 3-4 day weekend breaks and family events.

Quite often we will do at least one 4 day weekend in Butlins or a holiday park.

At least one of the weeks I take off fully. What we used to do up until 3 years ago - and something we are doing again this year - is go away on holiday for the week. This means that for a least 1 week of the 6 we're all off and we're away from the house discovering new things.

For the 6 weeks though, on the days I book off, we use these to get out and do family things - we find this is the best and top thing to prepare for, for the break.

2) Get away from the house

As I was saying above, we try to do short breaks (and 1 long one if we can). These short breaks maybe somewhere like Butlins or Haven or some other holiday park. It may be a stop in a travel lodge up in the Midlands visiting family.

Maybe we travel down the coast a little and stay in an inn. Getting away, where ever it may be, gives that new fresh feeling to the surroundings and allows us to go out and discover. Our kids look forward to doing things like this as the love discovering - as long as there is a coffee shop and ice cream around.

3) Plan places to visit

Maybe its a picnic at the beach. Maybe its a walk around the nearest ruin. Maybe its a trip to the park. Although we are quite spontaneous on many days out we do, what we like to do is think and plan places to visit. Putting dates and places in your diary or on the calendar firstly prepares the kids of changes to the routine, and also gives them something to look forward too.

We're lucky that we live near enough to the beach that we can get there in 5 minutes. When we live 80 miles away we just made sure we had the days down here planned out so we could get up and go.

4) Check out what events are around

We know that through July and August, every Thursday evening they have something going on at Poole Quay. There are street acts and it all ends with fireworks. We know this and we plan and do this every Thursday.

We also know that Bournemouth Air Festival is on. We choose a day we want to attend and go for a set period when the Red Arrows are on - as well as few other displays either side.

Check what events are going on near you, there are always so many things we all miss - things that our kids would love. It also gives you some time to enjoy too.

You may also find summer clubs in your search. Often they fall into the category or drop your kid off or stay and watch. Not so little Miss has a week-long Karate summer club for example - she loves her Karate.

Just spend a little time checking out the notice boards at your child's school as well as looking for local groups that may give you info on whats going on.

5) Theme parks

There, I've said it. This probably goes in with the days out. However, this is certainly something to put in your plan. We all know how well these go over and it is such an obvious thing to plan - but really goes down well.

There you go, enough said on that one - the bloody obvious choice 🙂

6) Family sleepovers

So, I've saved the best for parents for last. Family sleepovers. It surprises me how much our daughter loves to have a few days stay over at her gran's. They also live about 80 miles away so it's certainly one we have to play for.

This gives you more time to spend with your husband/wife. It also is amazing how much just a change of place for a few days excites kids, least our daughter. It's amazing how quiet our house used to be when it was just our daughter and doing this. Little Mr is a little more difficult so doesn't do the sleepovers - but our daughter still enjoys - probably partly due to it just being here.

The bloody obvious

So, many of the things I have mentioned above could be said as bloody obvious. What amazes me though, even through obvious, many people don't plan their time through the holidays and then spend half the morning deciding what to do.

If you've already planned in advance what you are going to be doing, then there will be no arguing or wasting half the day deciding and packing what you need

Plan to succeed. Plan to have fun and plan to make sure you don't get an 'I'm bored'...

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I recently came across the following quote “If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ― Maya Angelou This is my new goal in life. Not to conform to be normal, but to be amazing and I hope to inspire you to be amazing too.

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35 comments on “Preparing For The Summer Holidays”

  1. Great list and something stating the obvious is the best thing to do! I think family sleepovers are a great idea and I think my boys might just be old enough for us to make the most of a few of these this summer holidays. I really like the idea of taking days off every week so you can have long weekends, I might suggest that to my husband xz #dreamteam

    1. I live doing the short weeks through the holidays as means we can do more getting out. Also saves my wide from going stir crazy ☺️

      Our daughter loves the odd sleepover but does now start missing her home comforts. Think as they get older they grow out of it a little.

      But we all have these fun things through the hols

  2. Really like the arrangement you've got with trying to get extra days during the week out and about. We did that too for my wife's mat leave. Leads to lots of extra bonding time!

    Totally agree with you that getting out of the house as much as possible is essential, for everyone involved 🙂


    1. Thank you. Yes we find the long weekends are great family time. Also stops kids and wife going stir crazy.

      So many nice picnics to do during summer months

  3. Sounds like an excellent approach. Having some idea of what you're going to do means you can budget for it as well which is really important given how expensive summer can be.

    1. Budget is so important as such expensive time. We enjoy a few things we pay for such as theme park subscription and national trust. We also do find as many free things as possible. But always have to plan and budget for sure

  4. Great post, Sean. As a teacher, I am lucky that I’ve akwats had holidays with my own children. We always made sure that we had one paid outing over week that we planned for well in advance like visiting a farm lark or go to the cinema. Other free trips may have been going to the park or woods, camping in the garden or making cakes. We also planned ‘do nothing’ Days so that we could all chill or go to the he supermarket! When my kids were younger we lived in a large estate so all the kids would arrange play out days and play in our street making dens or playing with water pistols. All great fun. #dreamteam

  5. You’ve definitely got the right idea Sean! I’m going to have to show this to Mr Button - because everyone needs mini breaks right!? I think planning is everything- especially so everyone knows what they are doing and when. It really does help with the morning fiascos. Thanks for being a brilliant #dreamteam host ?

    1. Thanks. Yes planning has always made sure we use the time wisely as there is so much to do we'd be stuck thinking on the day ☺️

  6. Defininitely the right idea!!! I think its always best to make plans where kids are involved, theres too many ways to get easly distracted otherwise! Hope you enjoy the holidays #Dreamteam

  7. I think that it is so special, that 1) You take time off to be with your family, 2) That you appreciate what your wife does as a SAHM and 3) That you make an effort. Kudo's to you Dad! I hope you have an amazing vacation! #dreamteam

  8. Great post and a good reference point for stressed and busy families. It made me think how thankful I am to my Dad who used to do so much research so we visited so many places and had I have such magical memories. I am not a patch on him but looking back my children have had loads of memories too and many more to come. Hoping your Summer is amazing. #DreamTeam

  9. This is a great reminder for me to plan some summer activities - in general we are rubbish at planning and end up wasting a lot of time! It's my daughter's first summer holidays after her first year in kindergarten so I really want to plan some days out and other activities to get us out of the house and make some happy memories. #dreamteam

  10. It’s a great idea to do some serious planning for the 6 weeks. It’s my first 6 weeks with my little one and unfortunately I don’t have as much time of work as I’d like. Thanks for reminding me I actually need to plan a few things as it’s not long! #dreamteam

  11. Absolutely, as repeated in my post on "How to really up your dad game", planning is everything - whether it's for the holidays, the weekend or the few hours after school, make it count!

  12. given that you only have certain days off, planning is definitely the key to success! It doesn't matter what you do but get away from the house with your family and enjoy Summer

    1. My wife is a stay at home mom. She did try to work part-time but care and such didn't fit in. I love to work from home more if could, to be honest at those times - but still trying to get to a work for myself kind of situation.

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