Yet Another Wet Wednesday - 30th September 2020

We shouldn’t be surprised. End of September in the UK - it’s very likely to be a wet one again. What has surprised me is that I have had to put the heating on first thing in the morning and update my Hive heating profile to activate the heating at 6am weekdays.

Yes, 6am wake up calls for school run - still going and tiring...

On other news, I’ve started working again for a previous employer and just getting environments up to speed. One benefit of this employer is they are fantastic with people and benefits - especially when I need help and support in relation to ASD.

But, enough typing - check out my video from today...

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The Autism Dada

I just wanted to say welcome to my site. I like to share a little of my life with you in the hopes that, if you are ever wandering about a question I have asked myself - I hoped to have shared my answer to that.

I also like to just share the positivies of life with a ASD child - to show there are many. So, please do reach out if you want to chate.

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