Today Feels Like Autumn - 3rd September 2020

Today the air, weather, grey sky’s and so on, just feels like Autumn. I think we are actually in Autumn now - but some of the weather of late hasn’t felt too much like it.

Now though, the grey cooler weather just makes it feel that way. So, even though I am wearing shorts today - it’s time for longer trousers.

Time to make more videos

It’s also time to start making more videos again for my AutismDada YouTube channel.

I’ve not made an in the car video for a year or two now. So much so that I now longer own the car I used to do them in. Not that you would see them filmed in my new car as my wife drives that more than me on a usual basis.

Instead I will be filming them, most likely, in her car - which will be my more daily use car. We put named driver on both our cars so we are fully insured, just in case...

But I need to do more. Just like I need to try and carry on this daily’ish post.

You may also want to check out one of my Instagram channels (I have a couple) where I do share some of my images taken... Bit of a mix on what camera I use.

Calls, calls and more calls

Today, work-wise, has just been calls for a percentage of it. Not the most interesting stuff. Though I have been able to delve into one issue today - from a learning point of view.

Little less delving and coding in this role that I thought there would be.

Back to school next week...

The other thing we've been running around is the final prep for next week. Unlike some places in the UK where children have gone back to school in the last few days - ours go back next week.

Not so little Miss starts back on Monday with her induction day for her new school and little Mr starts Tuesday. We've got virtually everything sorted - but there is always the final touches like sorting last-minute items for pencil cases.

But I must admit - this evening it's nice to just have a chill - and with that in mind, it's time to say good night to you all... I think I will have to pen out a post about schools starting.

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