Daily Diary - 9th March 2018

Why isn’t it Saturday?

Not sure what ...

I’m not sure what was going on this morning, but both of the kids were up for 6am. Went downstairs and not sure what time not so little Miss was up but she was watching TV? There again, she went to bed reliably early for her last night (around 8’ish) so I’m not surprised awake.

Still, made them their breakfast and then relaxed on the chair. Soon as finished it was get dressed time, so they could watch more TV. They were all ready before 7:30am today which was amazing.

8:30am and did the school walk with not so little Miss while my wife took little Mr to school. Then it was off to work. I so wished it was Saturday today… though tomorrow is going to be busy too.

Busy at work

I was quite busy at work today which does mean it went a little faster. My wife texted me around lunchtime asking if she should pop over but never had the time. Think, if time, that will be a Monday thing.

Soon the day had gone. I hadn’t got everything done, but its the weekend and for once I am not working any part of it - ya.

Left the office and to was raining. I had to head over to pick up little Mr from my wife as she had taken him over to not so little Miss’s karate lesson. It really is amazing how bad the traffic can get in rain, which is strange as it rains quite a bit here in the UK. Still, I muddled thorough, pact those blocking the roads when our traffic lights were green, past those driving at 20 mph in 30 and 40 roads. I got there just in time.

Home, TV and bed

Got little Mr home and let him watch a little TV for a short while. I was doing a bit of research too on some themes for my next new site. Have to keep creating after all -  a few of the newer sites are mostly done.

Then it was time to get him ready for bed. Little Mr went up at 8pm tonight and finally nodded off at 9:30pm. Not a bad night really... So, time for kebab as had no dinner.. Yum 🙂

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