Daily Diary - 9th January 2018

Today was a nice, 7:30am wake-up. Two days in a row, feel spoilt. Kids woke up nicely on time, no calling. Wow, what is happening this week 🙂 we're getting up on time, no arguments or issues. That said, I've jinxed myself for tomorrow now.

Big bowl of cereal time

Get up, downstairs. Morning routine time. Works like this, little Mr goes downstairs and the first thing he expects is his cereal. This is great when home, but when we're staying away, where we can do that, it makes it tricky. So, sometimes we try and mix it up a little - just so he realises there can be a routine change. That said, today wasn't one of those days.

Next in routine, dressed for school.

Not so little Miss we have a new technique now. In the evening she writes what will be her routine for the morning. She then follows that and ticks off each box. Then, when done, she writes her routine for the evening. This is helping out quite a bit now as she decides her routine - in regards to what items are done when. We still give the parameters of what.

It's amazing how, this week after starting that, we are getting ready much easier and sooner. Think its a tip for when little Mr gets older.

School and Work

Kids went to school, I did not so little Miss's school run. The off to work again, always fun. Again, I won't bore you with the details.

Karate night

Little Miss's karate started again tonight after the Christmas break. Back to 2 hours, twice a week. This week is also a Saturday and Sunday advanced class - so back with a big week. She's progressing well though - and knowing how to protect yourself in these days is something I am all for.

The thing is, Karate is not so much about the hitting and kicking - its about understanding, being able to control the situation, not hitting out or kicking - and being confident enough to make sure you don't get hurt. Giving her the skill to control the situation, in my mind, is a good thing.

For me it was a fun night too as my wife gave me an early anniversary present. Some lovely Bose QC35 Mk2 headphones - something I've wanted for a while. Certainly was a day of being spoilt.

Then it was bedtime

So, little Mr went up to bed while I was out - but even though I got back after 8pm (he went up at 7:45pm) he was still being the mischievous bedtime monster... Finally at 9:45pm he gave in for sleep Ya.

Now its time to test out my nice new headphones. Until tomorrow... hope you all having a great time.

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