Daily Diary - 8th February 2018

Today I was woken up with a bang!

Today was an early start

Today was quite an early start as little Mr woke us up at 5am. He then woke us up by swinging his door open until it banged off the door stopper (we had to put one in as a small dent was appearing in the wall).

BANG! Wake up daddy I believe it was.

So, 5:15am I head downstairs where he had run. I did him just half a bowl of cereal (I knew he would want another bowl at 7:30am when his sister woke), then it was some early TV time to get him to just settle on the sofa.

7:30am my wife and daughter woke, so next round of breakfast; then get ready for school time.

On the school walk

Soon as they were ready, it was time to take them to their schools. Luckily, both of them enjoy school at the moment which makes it easier.

After dropping off not so little Miss, I had to go to work - something I enjoy less than they do school. Still, it pays the bills, gets the toys and all that stuff.

Time ticked along slow today - partly because I was tired I expect, but also it was a bit of a slower day. Still, eventually, it was time to go home to the energetic bunch.

Dinner and baths and bed and all that stuff

The time I got home it was dinner time for me and the wife. Usually, its just mine left, but the kids had theirs a little earlier, so it was just me and my wife. We had some lovely steak and chips - yum yum.

After dinner, it was time to get little Mr in the bath. The problem is, it gives him sensory stimulation - so after his bath, he can't just go to bed. We have to let him have some time to calm down.

So, 8:15pm I put him to bed, he did seem tired. However, as soon as he got into his bedroom it was energy time again. We think he does it as he doesn't want to go to sleep. It turned out not to be too bad though as he was asleep by 8:45pm. 30 minutes, bonus.

Gave us sometime to finish off an application form we'd been putting off.

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