Daily Diary - 7th May 2018

Today was a lovely day

We got to sleep in

Today we got to sleep in until 9am. That just never happens. Little Mr has been off and on unwell the past few days, but today his temperature had gone and he started to eat again - which was good as we had bought some pastries for breakfast.

Get ready to go out

Breakfast aside, we started to get things sorted in the house, vacuum up etc. Then it was time to get ready to go out as today was a lovely day.

Also, little Mr had only ventured out a little in the last 2 days - so it was time to get a little air.

We decided to head over to Portland Bill lighthouse as it's a nice drive and walks.

Portland bill

We love going over to Portland Bill Lighthouse. It's a great building to view, and the walking is fun with lots to see also.

Portland Bill Lighthouse
Portland Bill Lighthouse

We had a little wonder. Then it was ice-cream at the cafe followed by a play on the swings. Finally, another short walk before heading back to the car.

Just a couple of house but a nice little excursion.

Home for dinner

On returning it was time to start dinner. We were having salad but had some ribs and chicken wings to cook up. Of course, little Mr wasn't happy to wait but he did. We do like salads on hot days.

Then it was time for a bath. It was getting on as it was 7pm - but because of his 9am wake up, we knew he wouldn't go to bed early.

So, bath, change and some more play. 9pm it was time for bed. Took him 20 minutes to completely nod off, though there was no playing up - so must have been tired out. Phew - I need a rest after today 🙂

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