Daily Diary - 7th April 2018

Woken up in the usual fashion

Time for wake up...

7:45am was my wake up alarm today - consisted of my legs being sat on. About the usual, it's amazing what can become the usual.

Made little Mr his cereal and put on some TV after for him. Not so little Miss came down in her usual 9, going on teenage mode. She took her tablet (in computer tablet) and went back up to her bedroom saying she didn't want breakfast.

They all went to IKEA

My wife, her sister and not so little Miss all went off to IKEA early, so I and little Mr had a lads day. This really consisted of him playing, watching TV, going out up the road for a walk and having a little KFC.

Then some more play, another walk and some TV. Really lounge around while we could. Eventually, though, they came back from IKEA. To be honest, at the best time as I had a little work to do.


Little Mr was not happy to goto bed, even though he got to stay up till 8:30pm. He was getting a little bit over-energetic though - so it was time to have the game. He didn't nod off till 9:30pm. He had a bit too much energy there towards his bedtime.

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