Daily Diary - 6th January 2018

One early alarm call, please

I didn't really say or want that, but that's what we got today. A nice 5am call. Luckily, it seemed it was on his way back to his bed. We're not sure if he got up, went downstairs, saw how dark it was and then went back or what. Though he certainly decided to wake us up on his way back.

Then he got up again at 7am - of course, having been woke up once and then trying to get back, we were a little tired - Just one of those things I suppose.

The day sure went quick

Amazingly, the morning was half a blur, and so was the afternoon - with a visit to the supermarket. One of those days where we don't go out and do fun stuff. Little Mr was a blur of energy, running up and down and around. Not so little Miss was her, usual, learning to be a teenager self - being as difficult as possible.

Tablet time was lost, so she resorted to playing Roblox - at which there were many moans about can't do this or that. We did manage to get her to do some homework.

Working on the other site

I did manage to get some time working on my other site and learning some techie stuff - in-between being the cleaner, shop assistant, and the chef. It truly is amazing how some days just seem to zoom along and you don't really seem to achieve much.

Bedtime, ya

Bedtime zoom into play at 8pm. Little Mr seemed tired. I'm not sure if, when, he gets to his bedroom he gets an injection of energy - because he turns into a ball of energy - game playing. Finally got him to sleep at 9pm after a change and some games of chase.

Now, its time to eat. Kebab time I think...

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