Daily Diary - 6th April 2018

Time to shorten these up

Woke up, but its Friday

So, it's time to try and shorten these up. I've been doing them for 5-6 months now and a change is in order. See how they go.

So, here goes..

Woke up at 7:30am with little Mr as the alarm clock, came down and did breakfast. At least its Friday. Little Mr was in a happy mood this morning...

I got ready and went to work.

They went swimming

I had a text from my wife that she had taken both 'not so little Miss' and little Mr swimming - well she promised them yesterday. Apparently, they both had loads of fun.

I carried on at work until finish time.

Picking up not so little Miss

My wife's sister came down to visit, so they took not so little Miss to Karate but I had to pick her up. I took little Mr but he was not happily waiting. They ran a little late too. At least it didn't put him in a bad mood as when we got back he carried on playing.

I got him changed and let him play till 9pm, then bed. Took him till 10:30pm to nod off...

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I just wanted to say welcome to my site. I like to share a little of my life with you in the hopes that, if you are ever wandering about a question I have asked myself - I hoped to have shared my answer to that.

I also like to just share the positivies of life with a ASD child - to show there are many. So, please do reach out if you want to chate.

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