Daily Diary - 4th March 2018

Today seemed to shoot by...

Awake before my alarm

This morning, considering it was a late one with little Mr., I woke before the alarm. Seems sad having the alarm on for the weekend, to be truthful it was only on because we forgot to turn it off 🙂 This morning was one of those days where I woke a few times. Managed to nod off a few of the times but finally, I woke around 7:30am. Little Mr got up more around 8:15am though I wasn’t surprised after his late evening.

Still, this forced me to get up, go downstairs and make his breakfast, my coffee and so on. Then I let him play and put some TV on while I relaxed (for all of 5 minutes) in the armchair.

Next, it was not so little Miss after breakfast, followed by my wife texting me from bed asking for tea...

Out to the shops early

As we’ve been mulling around the house for a few days while that white stuff was on the ground (good old #snowgeddon), we decided to get out and up to the shops nice and early. So, just after 10am we headed out - first to The Range, so I could have a coffee and one of their whipped cream scones - yum. Picked up a few bits and bobs.

Next, it was off food shopping. We went to a shop we normally don’t go to, it was busy but we picked up everything we needed. Then back home to do lunch. Lunch was just a sandwich and bits, well we were saving ourselves. What really surprised me was how quickly time was going because all of the sudden it was mid-afternoon.

I really don’t know where that time went.

Boring but easy afternoon

After that, everything was slowed down a little. We had a bit of a rest, then it was time to start dinner. Few hours to cook so start early. As I say a bit of a boring afternoon really and not a lot to talk about.

Sunday’s are a bit like that at times 🙂

Bath and bed

Next, it was bath time for little Mr, so did that. Let him play a little (he’s been quite relaxed today - now the white stuff is not making everything look all different) just to get some energy out before bed.

He went up to bed at 8:20pm. Took until 10pm for him to go to sleep, even though he'd been up all day. Too much energy I think. So, time for tidy up time and then sleep.

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