Daily Diary - 4th April 2018

At least I was working from home today.

Today was a work from home day

So, today I was going to be working from home, I needed to be in to wait for someone to come and do some repairs. It was a good thing though as we got to sleep in until 7:50am - woop woop.

At that time we were woken up by not so little Miss. See, as we were away over the weekend we had promised to set up a house egg hunt. We couldn't do Monday night for yesterday as we were too tired, so we said we would do for today.

Obviously, the prospect of more chocolate got her awake early - but not too early which was good.

To be fair, we didn't hide difficult as it was a last minute thing so she found them real quick. We let them have a couple (they were only small eggs) and we also had some lovely pasties for breakfast - well they were on offer last night.

At least I was working from home today so it gave us time to do all that before I started.

Little Mr was on one today

As the saying goes, little Mr was certainly on one. One what? A mission to be as disruptive as possible. He was into everything it seemed leaving a mess behind him. Soon the morning was over, went quick, so it was a nice salad lunch.

After lunch, just as the person arrived to do the repairs, my wife too the kids round one of her friends - so I had about an hour and a half quiet for work. Work goes quicker when working from home.

They were soon back and dinner was on cooking - again, working from home means I actually have dinner with them.

Once dinner was done it was play time - having some fun. That was soon to end though.

Trying to get back into a routine

We thought, after the weekend of later nights, it was time to start the routine again. So, little Mr went to bed around 7:15pm. He was not happy. Having a right tantrum in his bedroom. This was a tantrum and not a meltdown for sure.

He continued to play up for some time, though we do stick to our principle of trying to get back into the routine. It took until 10pm for him to nod off ... phew...

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