Daily Diary - 3rd February 2018

Farty putty?

Too much of the new Netflix Show 'Altered Carbon'

We got to sleep in until 7:50am today. That's 20 minutes longer than most days, so it could classify as a sleep in. I felt a little tired as I overdosed on the new Netflix show Altered Carbon - quite enjoyable.

Got up and went downstairs and did breakfast for the kids. I knew it was going to be a bit of a busy day as it was going to start with the Saturday Karate. Breakfast done, then it was 'get ready to go out for Karate time'.

We all went out to take not so little Miss to her Karate, and while she was doing that I went out walking around with little Mr. He loves to get out and walk around, so he was taking everything in.

Always room for a Toby Carvery

Once Karate was finished, and not so little Miss had changed out of her Karate uniform, we all went out for lunch. We ended up in a nice Toby Carvery we go too from time to time. Let's just say that I made sure I stuffed in the veg 🙂 and after we all had a nice ice cream dessert.

Full bellies, we then went off to town. We were out to find some new earrings to replace the ones not so little Miss had done 8 weeks or so ago now. It's difficult, but she finally chose some nice silver ones to try.

On our way out we went into Hawkings Bazaar (think that's how its spelled) and the kids each came out with something - for not so little Miss it was fart putty, or farty putty or something like that. Some strange things out there.

Home, small dinner and then bed

After town, we went home - was close to 6pm. So it was just a small dinner as we had such a large lunch - then some TV and play time for little Mr and no so little Miss.

Then it was time for bed. Little Mr went to bed at 7:30pm and he finally nodded off at 9pm. We're getting there.

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