Daily Diary - 31st March 2018

6am wake up call - no no yes...

Need some more coffee I think

Not sure why, probably just because he needs little sleep, but little Mr woke up at 6am.

The good thing is that he ran out of his room (we’re away so he is sharing with his sister at the moment) into the little lounge area and started to play with his beads - he sprinkles them through his hands.

He did not come in to wake us up, though we woke up as we have the door open in case they wake up. He didn’t moan about breakfast or anything like that. He simply played.

I did get up, put the TV on low too so that he could watch. We finally got out of bed about 7am, though we didn’t sleep after he woke up - just lay watching and waiting. Good really.

Time for breakfast

Soo, it was time for us to get out of bed, get ready and go for some breakfast. We’ve paid for breakfast and evening meal - so we headed to the buffet breakfast and ate well. It was to keep us going till 5pm so..

The kids enjoyed their breakfast. Little Mr had 2 bowls of cereal while not so little Miss had some bacon, eggs, hash browns and some toast. Lovely stuff. O, and a coffee or two for me and the wife.

After breakfast it was full on. We went up for a walk in the rain, got some umbrellas. Then couple hours later stopped raining hehe.

We saw some shows. We went on the fair. We went swimming. We went on the fair. We ate dinner. We went out to a show.

At this point little Mr decided he wanted to go on a walking mission so he took me for a walk and a run for 40 minutes around the site. Eventually we got back to our rooms and he chilled and played.

Time for bed

He played for a while until I decided it was time to get changed for bed. So, he got changed and carried on playing. Then my wife came back with not so little Miss around 8:45pm so I thought it was best to get little Mr into bed. He played for a little while but eventually nodded off around 9:20pm.

Once asleep not so little Miss was also able to get into bed. She nodded off quite quick too. I know how she felt as I was knackered.

My wife decided to go out with her sister (he sister and family also on holiday break weekend) to watch the boxing in the sports bar - so I chilled updating this post and listening to some music. Chilling after a full on tiring day...

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