Daily Diary - 31st January 2018

Can you believe it's the last day of January already?

Today it was a wife kicking me awake day

So, the kids didn't wake us this morning, they were having a snooze in - on a school day. I got woke by my wife who was woken by the alarm. That's not 100% true as the alarm woke me up, but I was happy to stay snoozing until I was kicked to get up.

So, up I got and turned on kids rooms light - they decided to get out of their bed. Little Mr was straight downstairs to his breakfast spot. Not so little Miss followed soon after.

Cereal for him, watermelon for her.

The school walk

Next, it was time for us all to get ready, then the school walk. Well, school work for me as little Mr its a school drive - little further away.

Once done it was time for me to head into the office, Boo!!! This work thing really interferes with my social and family life 🙂

Work was work, and then it was time to come home.

The hyperactive ones

So, on returning home, little Mr was his usual hyper mode. Running around, jumping from furniture, running up and downstairs. This is all usual - strange to think what the usual becomes.

But soon, well not that soon really, he had tired himself out enough (we hopped) to try for bed. 7:30pm I put him up to bed and waited for the usual bedtime game routine... The game finished at 9:15pm when he finally went to sleep. Time to have some adult time...

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