Daily Diary - 31st December 2017

So, today was the day

Today was the day, the last day of 2017 🙂

New Year's Eve always brings me to reflect, just a little, on the year that has gone by. Well, you can’t help think about all the good things that have happened, and maybe even reflect a little on some of the not so great things. See what you have learned in retrospective.

Today started with pancakes

Pancakes for breakfast. Waitrose bought ones at that. Well, only because they were on offer. We do, occasionally have them for breakfast along with other pastries - but, for New Year's Eve, why not. Why not have a nice breakfast for the last day of the year.

Sad to see the year go

Not so little Miss said to us today that she was sad to see 2017 go. We did say, not to forget, its the start of 2018 to look forward too. She knows about the holiday away, well little bits, so that's one thing - she has no idea about the other one booked plus our idea on some other trips to our favourite UK destinations. 2018 I think will be a good year again.

It also means that we’re now moving towards the Spring and Summertime (instead of Autumn and Winter as the year moves out). Bring on the nice days - and maybe some Part-Time working? Depending on how this blog goes 🙂

Not nice day

Today seems to be little wet and windy again. Of course, we should expect it these days - but it would have been nice to have the last day of the year dry. It does mean that my new wellies will get a test on our New Years Day walk tomorrow. After the Christmas Day walk, it was obvious I needed some.

It also meant that everything we did today had to really be indoors - which was a good excuse to have a last Costa visit of 2017 🙂   Good Excuse!

Dinner and bottle flip

After our coffee (and a purchase of a book I found in the charity shop nearby) we came back, did a pizza for the kid's dinner, got little Mr ready, then played the bottle flip game. It's quite a long game to play as you need first, score by landing a flip bottle on a board, then this scores points or get a card to score points to move along another board.

It takes longer than Monopoly 🙂

That said, it kept us entertained for an hour and we didn't even get halfway around the board.

Then it was bedtime for the kids

It was bedtime, a little later tonight. We thought we'd let them stay up till 9pm (10pm for our daughter). We knew little Mr probably wouldn't go to be easy, we were right. He was back downstairs a number of times until he finally nodded off at 10:50pm.

Lets just hope that the fireworks don't wake him again...

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