Daily Diary - 30th January 2018

Today was Sleep Clinic day.

Today was a work from home day

Today I was working from home, so, as usual, on those days - it was a struggle to get up. Even little Mr didn’t seem to want to get up today 🙂

I went into his room around 7:40am and he was sitting on his bed wrapped in his duvet - All snuggled up. I had to help him up though, unfortunately for him. It’s a school day - Saturday he’ll probably be up by 6am

As I came downstairs I saw not so little Miss already dressed and eating some watermelon for breakfast - she loves her watermelon. So, I did little Mr some cereal for his breakfast which he ate. Then it was time to get him dressed and both of them off to school.

Working from home

As it was going to be a work from home day, I logged into the office and did the bits I had. Really, it was just a countdown to us having to go to this sleep clinic appointment at 1pm. Seemed to go quick, had a snack and lunch and then off.

The appointment was good, took about an hour and a half and we went through details on little Mr, details on sleep and all that. Next, they have to have a meeting with their team and then come back to us. We’re not sure on the next step, but hopefully, it's going to be a step in the right direction.

School pick up time

Soon as the appointment was finished, we had to go and pick up the kids. I did not so little Miss pickup today - normally there is a routine my wife does. Kids came home, we had dinner and then it was Karate time for not so little Miss. She hadn’t been since last Tuesday because of being ill.

Soon it was time to try and get little Mr to bed. I took him up at 7:45pm and it was 9:45pm when he finally nodded off. Seems to average 2 hours of in and out of bedroom. Still, gave some time to fill out a few more forms, ECHP review coming in few months.

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