Daily Diary - 2nd February 2018

Swap around for the school run today.

Thank god it’s Friday

Wake up this morning was 7:30am, kids got up after us. Been a couple of times this week - must be the later nights getting little Mr to sleep. They both got up, came down and ate their breakfast. Friday is that day where cereal running lower, so they had to have something different to their routine - no frosted flakes or cheerios, instead its Weetabix.

Breakfast gone, time for dressing for school. Went quite quick and easy today - no issue. Last minute today, my wife decided she wanted to take in not so little Miss as she wanted to chat with her teacher, so I took little Mr to school. When I’m going into the office it can be a little more tricky as I can get a little later. Today went quite smooth though.

And off to work I go

Little Mr dropped off, it was time for me to head into the office as usual. Work was work, the best bit was I met up with my wife for lunch. Not something we do often, but it's nice to do. Then she was off, I was back to work and I got a text when she was picking up the kiddies.

Work finished and I went home. Ya.


Tonight was one of not so little Miss’s karate nights - so I went off to pick her up at 8pm while little Mr was got ready for bed by my wife. When I got back, it was time to take little Mr to bed. We put him to bed at 9pm today, hoping that a little later up will tire him out. Well, he still seemed to have some energy at first, though he finally nodded off at 9:50pm so not too bad.

Time to watch some Netflix and its new show.

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