Daily Diary - 29th March 2018

Another morning nobody wanted to be up.

Wakey wakey

Was a wakey wakey rise and shine morning today. Seemed as nobody wanted to be up really. This is what happens when it's last day of term at school and also breakup for look weekend at work.

We all forced ourselves out of bed though and went down. Did breakfast and then they went to school. I then went to work.

Dentist, dentist, O ...

Came home just after lunch as we had a dentist appointment at 4pm. Me, my wife and daughter - little Mr goes to a dentist that has special needs training. That said, we went to the dentist and little Mr got agitated - he doesn't like anything with any medical feel.

Job done, then off to pick up something for dinner - little Mr decided it was Smarties. So, we gave in and got the kids some nice stuff.

I then took him home while my wife and not so little Miss went to look for some dinner stuff.

Fueled up and ready to go

When they got back, they had their sweets. I was working away and could just hear little Mr running round, fueled up on smarties.

Dinner done and ate and still he was running around. He started to get cheeky around 7pm so it was time to try for bed. He came up at 7:30pm and proceeded to run out of his room up until 9pm when he finally nodded off.

Tomorrow will be a long day as we're going away for a few days. More on that through the next few days posts...

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