Daily Diary - 29th December 2017

This is becoming a theme now… getting to sleep in until 8pm. Well, the main reason is that little Mr. is not going to sleep as easy in the evening and is so sleeping in a little. Hopefully, when he goes back to school next week he will start to sleep a little easier again. We’ll see.

Today was a wet day

So, the news today told of snow again, snow more north. In the southern part of the UK, we had lots and lots of rain instead - to the point that some flooding has been happening. Not where we live but heard reports on the radio. That said, it was so wet with heavy rain that we decided that today was not a day to venture out.

Its been quite a lazy day because of that. Well, as lazy as it can be with 2 really active kids. Today I’ve been a cleaner, a chef, designer (helping my daughter learn to use a sewing machine(, climbing frame (usual for our kids), dart player, and loads of other.

The one good thing is that today, we had this mini-game system that has 500 retro Nintendo games (it looks like a small version of the original). So, there may be newer editions out, which is HD, this is an older 420p edition - but as only cost £18 its a bargain. We were showing not so little Miss some of the games we used to play years ago.

I played around with a little Thesis

As you may know, seeing this blog is running on Thesis, I use Thesis. Well, I’m quite a new user, to be honest. Today I actually got a small amount of time learning some new stuff. I still haven’t got enough knowledge to do the developer stuff, but its fun to customise the page with CSS. I found out how to do changes to the widgets. I know this is a bit geeky - but I do like to inject a bit of geek into my days.

And then it was time for bed

Today’s post is a little boring, I know. To be honest, because of the damp weather we didn’t get up to much. Soon it was 8pm and little Mr. was lying on the sofa yawning, so it was time for bed.

That said, I could see a glint in his eye of 'I'm going to start running around as soon as I get up there'. Needless to say, he did and it was 10:30pm before he finally gave in. He even stunk back downstairs at one point - like a little ninja sneaking past my guard post (my office room where I sit and tend to put him back to bed from).

Another day is done - hopefully when back at school he will be a little more tired out.

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