Daily Diary - 28th January 2018

Today I had to work for a few hours. Never good on a weekend...

1-hour sleep in woohoo

Little Mr didn't wake up till 8am; well about 10 minutes to 8. That meant that we had nearly an hour worth of sleep in. Yes! Always nice when getting a sleep in.

Anyhow, he woke us up using the usual technique. I went downstairs and found the loaf of bread on the table in his spot - he was ready for breakfast then. So, went and did him some cereal and he ate it. While he did I had to consume my first cup of coffee - as well as make coffee for the wife and her sister.

Then it was work time

The good thing about doing these few hours on a weekend is that I can do it from home. It would be more of an issue if I had to go into the office. A few years ago they would have asked that...

Still, work started. Did an hour and a half, then we had a break for a couple of hours meaning I could get lunch stuff done. Walked up the road, not the nicest of days but at least it wasn't raining. Its always nice to get out of the office, even the home office, and get some fresh air.

Lunch was consumed. Each of the kid had something different, little Mr loves tins of ravioli so he enjoyed that. Not so little Miss had a sandwich - all the usual daily routine.

Back to work - then shopping - what a fun day

So, lunch was done, back to work. Next, it was time to get little Mr out, even just shopping and change of the 4 walls he enjoys.

We got all we needed for a lovely cooked chicken salad, makes a change from a Sunday roast, and of course - some desert. Mmm.

After that it was bath time for little Mr, then his sister.


7:30pm rocked along and it was time to get little Mr upstairs. Of course, he didn't want to go to sleep - he was being a right... even trying to bite me once. It was just after 10pm when he finally nodded off... He does like to make you work for it 🙂

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