Daily Diary - 28th February 2018

The last day of February 2018

It’s a sign it’s getting lighter earlier

Today little Mr woke up at 6am. I think it’s because it starting to get lighter earlier - not looking forward to middle of summer 🙂

So, got up, downstairs and did breakfast. Was a bit chilly, our heating timing is set to start at 7am so this cold Feb morning meant a cold start. Still, it’s the last day of February today so we’re onwards and upwards towards spring and summer.

Breakfast finished, then little Mr watched some TV and played till after 7am. Then it was breakfast for not so little Miss and time for little Mr to get ready (well after a small bowl of cereal as he likes to eat when his sister is eating).

Was a morning to defrost the cars - cold, brrr. Then I walked not so little Miss to school.

Off to work I go

Back from school, I went down to my car, then drove off to work in this cold weather. There was around a millimetre of sleet on the ground (not slow) but it seems some people were driving slower than normal? I really think some people just get scared - personally, I’ve driven in some really bad snow before (in a rear wheel drive car which was fun). The really bad snow several years ago was one example, took me nearly 3 hours to drive 2 miles - and at the last part, the part that caused the issue, lots of people were waiting to be pulled up this hill by the 4x4 - I just drove up in my regular car  🙂

So, some sleet wasn’t even registering with me. Drove in, then realised the cold again on the 20-minute walk from the car to work - Brr. Did some work stuff. Had lunch. Did some more work stuff - almost nodded off. Then came home.

Dinner, bath and bedtime

Got back home just after 6pm and had my dinner. Then it was time to take little Mr for a bath. He really enjoys his baths so I just have to watch he doesn’t do anything silly, then help him when he needs it. Got him dressed and started the bath for not so little Miss. Then brought little Mr back downstairs and had a little fun for an hour or so.

Then it was bedtime. Little Mr went to bed at just after 8pm and it was 9pm when he finally nodded off. This gave me an opportunity to finish off a post on dry skin I was writing on another site of mine.

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