Daily Diary - 28th December 2017

Today I got to experience something new - we went into Build a Bear...

Another lovely later morning

The day started with another later morning - late morning for us is anytime after 7:30am, so this morning 8am before the kids were moaning at us was lovely.

Breakfasts done. Not so little Miss disappears upstairs with her tablet (already behaving like a teenager and few years to go yet). Little Mr starts to watch some kids programs I put on for him. Time for me to sit down and have a coffee - yea, right, sarcastic comment I know.

I did eventually get to have a coffee though.

Next, on to look at some ovens

So, just before Christmas, one of the two ovens went on our cooker.The hobs are gas but the ovens are electric and we think the element went in one of them. We were still good for cooking as we had the second oven - but as its quite old (we're not sure how old, we've been here 4 years and it was left by previous owners) - we decided to get a new one.

So, we dragged the kids out to Currys and took a look. Decided on one, then came home and ordered online as there was a 10% discount and free delivery. Ya. New oven fitting next week.

Then off on trek for daughter

So, having done that, we had to go and take not so little Miss to Build a Bear - she had a voucher for her birthday from a friend of hers. Now, I've never been before. We did try and convince her to buy online - but she wanted to do the experience.

There are two things I learned there. One, its crazy times, really busy, etc. Second, it's expensive. Even with the voucher, we still came out another £20 lighter - well, Bear, clothes, etc. Who would have thought you could spend over £30 on a teddy?

Home, dinner, bath, bed

In that order. After the hour and a bit in BAB, we headed home. Dinner was quick to be made for the kids. Then time for little Mr to have a bath, a short sensory play then off to bed. It then took two and half hours (10:30pm) before he finally gave in. The number of times I put him back in his room, well, I lost count. Tiring. Once he was asleep it was time to finish off everything else, even try and grab a bite to eat as I hadn't done that either. It is a full-time job, as we all know, looking after kids - I often wonder how we look after ourselves?

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