Daily Diary - 27th January 2018

There was me thinking I would get a sleep in

The day after the night before

Originally we were going to be staying in a hotel overnight. We had this plan to go out, sister-in-law babysitting. Then we would stay out overnight, get a sleep in, then go back home. However, as not so little Miss has not been 100% all week with this virus, we decided that we would only go out. The truth is, we were planning to eat and then go out and do something. The fact was, we went out got some food and a few drinks, then felt quite tired (to do with relaxing after being so busy), and we ended going back home around 10pm and watching a movie there.

The thing about going home is, that, we had the early morning call for breakfast. If we’d have stayed out like planned, we would have had a nice sleep in 🙂

Breakfast out

As we were at home, we decided that we should all go out for a bit of breakfast, which was nice. The kids enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, a nice big breakfast. After that, being a not so nice day, we didn’t really do too much. We went home and little Mr was running around, playing with his sensory toys. Not so little Miss disappeared (almost like a teenager) to her bedroom with her tablet and TV. My wife went out with her sister to do some shopping, and I did some updates to my new affiliate site.

Wife out for dinner

This week wasn’t  just our anniversary, it was also my wife birthday a few days before. So, she went out this evening with her sister and a few friends. Me and the kids stayed here, was my turn to get them off to bed. Not so little Miss is easy enough, but little Mr (the energy bunny), well… Always takes a while.

I decided to try and put him to bed at 9pm and he was asleep before 10pm. Somethings I think going to bed that bit later tires him out that little bit more. Until the morning...

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