Daily Diary - 26th March 2018

What a Monday - Phew!

Nobody wanted to get up this morning

My alarm went off, 7:30am and I didn’t want to get up. I don’t think anyone did in the house today as both of the kids were hiding under their blankets. Normally little Mr jumps out of bed and not so little Miss runs downstairs to get 10 minutes on her tablet - not this morning though.

So, I went downstairs and made their breakfasts. Then went back upstairs and woke them up enough to come down and eat. We were definitely running late. To top it off my wife was not well so I was going to have to juggle the school runs - dropping off not so little Miss first, then little Mr.

Luckily the traffic was light, which was a blessing. Dropped of number 1 then on to little Mr’s school for drop off number 2.

Work from home again

So, got back home and as my wife was still in pain, I thought it was another work from home day. I love working from home, but not always available for my job. I’m still aiming for a goal of finding that work for myself thing - but not found it yet.

So, work from home it was. The great thing is, that, come lunchtime I can grab myself a lovely warm lunch. It’s nice being able to have a nice warm lunch.

Soon it was school pickup

Soon it was school pick up time. Pick up little Mr and little Miss and came home. Little Miss didn’t notice straight away that a game, Toilet Trouble, had arrived. She ran off to her tablet and little Mr started to enjoy his time playing his own game.

We had some dinner and then she noticed. Let’s just say that I got sprayed in the face by this game quite a few times. It was quite fun though, in a childish way 🙂

We played a number of games and then she disappeared back upstairs when we finished. That left just noisy little Mr down here. He played, having more loud fun which my wife soaps were on, up until 7:45pm when it was time for bed. One of the downsides of the clocks going forward is its lighter to later - which is great, except when trying to get kids to bed.

It was 9:40pm before he finally nodded off. Talk about too much energy... Phew.

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