Daily Diary - 26th January 2018

O what a good nights sleep. I actually got to sleep all night in my bed last night which was great.

The day started well

Not so little Miss managed to sleep al night in her bed last night. This meant that I actually got to sleep in my bed for once this week - ya. We got woke up around 7am by little Mr for his breakfast. So it was breakfast, get ready for school and off he went. Unfortunately, not so little Miss had some gunk in her eye, so off to the docs we went. Slight infection and another day off school. She wasn’t happy as she has only been in 1 day this week - she was hoping to go back in today.

I have to day off

It also put a bit of a spanner in our plans, with not so little Miss being off. I have today booked off as we have plans to celebrate our anniversary. The idea was to have to day off, have some lunch out, then this evening my wife sister is coming to stay and we were going out for the evening and potentially night stay at a local hotel. Just a bit of away time - something we’ve not done for a few years.

On he plus side, we’re still going out as my sister in-law has come to stay. We’re not sure if we will be staying out, or if we will come back yet - but we will be going out around 5:30pm to eat, so this post, for once, won’t include bedtimes 🙂

Be a bit of a shorter daily update for once.

Day went quick and little Mr picked up

The day went quite quick really, we didn’t do much other than try a newish local independent coffee shop - very nice. Little Mr finished school happy, and was happy to get a treat McD for dinner (as we are off out). We are not going to be leaving them in the capable hands of my sister-in-law and we’re off for some food out and maybe a drink and cinema.

It feels strange not including our daily nighttime routine - but that is for the sister-in-law to play the game tonight. Catch you all tomorrow.

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