Daily Diary - 26th December 2017

Boxing day, a time for the sales.

So, Christmas day, for another year, has passed and we find ourselves on Boxing day. It seems the sales have gotten closer and closer to Christmas now, so what was the January sales are now Boxing day sales...

Although, we didn't (intentionally) go shopping.

Today was for visiting

Today, we planned to visit my wife's sister who lives around 80'ish miles away. Not a bad journey, per say.

So, we packed up the car this morning, with the gifts for them, and drove up. My wife drove up, and we had two stupid drivers do stupid things (one pulled out on us on a 70mph road which we almost hit) and another cut us up.

So, we arrived and little Mr. was not happy. See, his aunt is the one that normally cuts his hair and the last couple of times he's seen her, he has had meltdowns. Today was no exception. Of course, you had to throw into the mix that he went to a house, where he had only been once, met their dog who he had never seen, and of course - the haircut aunty - though we didn't do the haircut today.

It took some time to calm him in the end - which consisted of, at one point, taking him out of the house, back to the car, giving him some lunch, then heading back in for ice cream dessert. By the time the ice cream arrived he had calmed...

Then it was off out

The plan was, after lunch, we would go out for a walk around some local park and lake with the dog. However, it started to throw it down with rain. Not weather for walking in the wilds - well on some muddy ground.

So, we decided to head to the local shopping center - well, it was the Swindon Designer Outlet. Let's just say that the roads were bad... Let's just say that it took nearly an hour to get there (around 4 miles) and that the last half a mile took over 30 minutes.

Once we had finally made it to the carpark and parked, we were a little knackered. The queues did not stop there either, the shops were manic. I have to say though, after 4pm it did seem to calm down a little.

I saw a bargain or two (that I wasn't allowed to blow a few hundred pounds on), but we did have coffee which was nice. All in all, it wasn't that bad.

That's more than I can say about the drive back

The plan was always for me to drive back - I think my wife was happy about that. It was so crap weather. It was dark, the rain was pounding down. We had to go on 3 motorways and the A35. Not a nice drive. But we made it back, in one piece, so successful.

Once back, got here just after 8pm, it was time for little Mr. to get his PJ's on and time for me to try and get him to go to sleep.

He finally went to sleep around 10:30pm so that was good. Another fun day is done. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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