Daily Diary - 25th February 2018

Morning, surely it's the middle of the night

It wasn't that early really, though 6am on a Sunday is really middle of the night. You don't really get a sleep in when you become a parent - well, hoping for them when they are both teenagers.

So, go up, went downstairs, did breakfast, then sat in the armchair with a blanket on me snoozing a little while little Mr watched some TV.

Advanced karate day

Not so little Miss had an advanced karate session day today, so they went off just after 10am to that. Me and little Mr went out to the Air Museum, did a little chilling and then I cooked a nice big Sunday roast for when my wife and daughter got back.

Little Mr has been in one of those on and off miserable moods this weekend. Yesterday he had a mini meltdown, today too. Think its more about not getting his dinner the exact moment he wants it. Still, there were some good bits too.

After lunch, we went to walk it off

After we had had lunch, and a nice apple pie, we decided to walk a bit of it off. So, we went out to an area for short walk, lots of dog walkers go there. There's also a park where we spent 10 mins.

Was quite a nice day really all things considered, even if a little chilly.

After our walk we came home, did a light dinner and it was time for the kids to have baths before bed. Once they were done it was time to relax before bed.

Bedtime again

Little Mr seemed to be tired, at least he was yawning. We put him to bed at 7pm, however, he wasn't happy with that. He seems to fight it when he's tired, trying to stay up later by having meltdowns, banging and keep coming out of his bedroom.

We spend quite a lot of time returning him to his bedroom until he finally gives in and nods off. This is the reason we have had a sleep clinic visit, he reluctance to go to sleep. It's even, at times, taken till 11pm or 12am.

Some of you may go through this too. The funny thing is, that, when we had our meeting and we ran through what we had done to try and resolve the issue - they told us that everything we had done is what they would have told us. So, now it's onto the stage to see if he needs help nodding off - though that is something they have to have meetings on before prescribe.

Tonight it took until

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