Daily Diary - 24th March 2018

Doctors visit for my wife today...

I knew today would be busy

When we woke up today, I just knew my day would be a busy one. My wife wasn't feeling 100%, so I knew I would be running around a lot today.

Got up nice and early, well I got woke up by little Mr climbing onto our bed, then sitting on my back as I snoozed. It can be quite painful when a study 5-year-old sits directly on your kidneys. So, I got up to do his breakfast when I could finally move (after we managed to get him off his perched position).

Nice bowl and half of cereal later. He wasn't in a happy mood this morning, but there again he may have been able to tell that an atmosphere of unwell was in the house.

A call to NHS Direct

So, after breakfast, my wife called NHS Direct and talked to the initial person. They did the usual form fill and said a doctor will call back in the next 2 hours, which they did. They gave my wife an 11:30am appointment down at the local hospital outpatients type room.

I say that as I am unsure what they call it. See, the hospital has a place which is an extension of our doctors, a place where my wife went which is a similar thing but for out of hours, an outpatient plus more.

Never less, whatever it is called, she went to see the doctors. We used that time to pop down to the Costa in the hospital and grab a cheeky coffee and cookie (for the kids). My wife joined us after her appointment - then it was time to go find an open chemist shop to get prescription filled.

Salad for lunch, yum

We went over to our local Sainsbury for that - they have a chemist. Also gave use opportunity to pick up a nice salad for lunch.

Home and lunch. The idea was to eat the see what after. Unfortunately after was grey skies followed by some rain. So it was an afternoon in. I would have said lazy, but with little Mr lazy is not a word we can use.

We were running left right, up down and all the rest of it. He was having fun which is the great thing. Though as it got closer to dinner time he started to get a little miserable - hunger. Still, did that in good time with a little ice cream for after.

I have to say that the following 2 hours were manic again with him blowing off so much energy. Just after 7:30pm we thought we would try for bed. At first, I thought we may not get any rest, but he settled down an eventually nodded off at around 8:45pm - so little over 1 hour.

This gave me time to experiment with some new tools...


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