Daily Diary - 24th February 2018

I did not want to have to wake up early!

Saturday morning...

Saturday morning, the weekend, time we should get a lie in. Well, apart from being woken at 2am by a building alarm just down the road - then a 7am wake up call by little Mr - there was no lie in. I should be used to that by now really.

So, downstairs I went and did some breakfast. I think had to run around to one of my wife's friends to let out their cat as they were away for the day. I realised quite quickly that it was cold out.

Just chilling

Chilled for most of the morning. My wife too not so little Miss to her Karate today so myself and little Mr went for a walk up the roads to pick up a few bits. It felt quite warm in the sun. It was just the shade that was cold.

When back, little Mr started to get hungry. So as soon as my wife and daughter were back, we went out for food. We did a gamble, we popped into KFC. Now, for those in the UK, they will realise the gamble after all the issues KFC have had this week. In the end, the only thing they did not have for our order was the popcorn chicken.

It was also quite empty in there, maybe as many thought there we still issues. Was all good though.

Once eaten it was into the supermarket. We needed to pick up a number of items. Then it was off home again.

Lazy afternoon

Quite a lazy day today really. We got home, chilled a bit. Played with little Mr, not so little Miss does her own thing. Watched some TV. I did some emails. Dinner. We live quite a boring life really 🙂

Little Mr did have a mini-meltdown, but when he had his dinner that soon faded. As my wife watched the rugby, we played and chilled.

Soon it was 8pm and time for bed. Took him up, put him back in few times and he finally nodded off at 9pm so that was good. Few times this week he's been going to sleep well...

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