Daily Diary - 23rd March 2018

Finally, a doctors appointment...

We all slept rather well

Last night was a good night of sleep. Both little Mr and not so little Miss slept through - and so did we for the most part… I was bed later, had few bits of training stuff going through my head, but it’s really useful to think about.

When we woke it was time for breakfast. Little Mr was in a happy mood so that was good. As it was sports relief day, we got him dressed in some sporty stuff which included a sports relief t-shirt.

We then headed off to the school, I took him in today. I think he was a little confused when we got there. He was not dressed for school, he had seen his sister get dressed in her Karate uniform (which is the sports kit she was wearing) - so he was a little distressed with the change - which is to be expected. However, he was happy walking into school.

Phone for doctor please...

The last few days I’ve been trying to get an appointment, its so difficult these days. I could talk about when I was a kid and we just walked up to the surgery and were saw then and there. Anyhow, phone and got an appointment for this morning - so I knew it would be a work from home day… not something I had planned on.

Went to docs, got some spray for my nose and went home. It’s nice working from home, and as my wife was a little off colour, she went to bed for few hours so it was nice and quiet. I work better when I am on my own.

Then it was a cheeky McD Big Tasty for lunch - yum yum.

Amazingly the day went fast and it was soon time for the noise of the kids to come in.

Apparently little Mr had been on a excitable mood. He had these kind of really really excitable meltdowns. Most of you may think of a meltdown of screaming and crying, stamping feet etc. These excitable silly meltdowns are where he is just laughing uncontrollably while just laying on the floor or running around and pulling things down or some other really silly thing. The worst part is where he just throws himself down when doing it, you can’t get anything out of him for a while then.

The silliness went on and on

This silly mood went on for some time. He never ate much of his dinner because of it. Even when my wife and daughter went out he was still on one. It took until 6:20pm for him to settle down and not being so cheeky and silly. It’s certainly tiring when he’s in this mood as we have to simply follow him around and put things back together.

He chilled out and watch a bit of TV until bedtime. Bedtime tonight was 7:45pm and little Mr was fighting the tiredness. He finally nodded off around 8:30pm which was good. He does love to try and stay awake...

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