Daily Diary - 23rd December 2017

Today was an incredibly busy day

To be honest, I'm surprised I have the energy to write this post. I am betting that the spell checker and Grammarly have a redline bonanza on it as I am writing. Let me get on with it, forgive any mistakes by the way.

Started with a bang

Well, more like a meltdown. We got up nice and early as it was a short breaks farm visit today. There is a place near use called Falmer Palmer and they are, kind of like, a petting farm or something along that line.

So they have a soft play, you can go on a tractor ride, you can watch the goats being fed, cows milked and all that kind of stuff. Short breaks sorted out a Christmas visit - so Santa visit and all that.

The meltdown happened before we went, not little Mr. but not so little Miss. She had a meltdown as we wanted her to have a particular coat on which is waterproof but also older and she melted down as she wanted another.

The day almost ended before it started. Of course, this was only the start of the draining day. There were a few more mini meltdowns along the way, but I won't cover them all.

The farm visit

The farm, although smaller and not lots to do, was good. We managed to stay there from just after 10am till 2:30pm - it finished at 3pm. We also did most things. Apart from the odd small issue, the kids loved it - so that was a win.

Onto shopping

We dropped in to do some shopping on the way home - there was a little scream or too from little Mr. - but something we had to do. All part of our busy day.

Then we finally got home around 6pm which we were glad of. I think all of us were a little knackered. That said, it was still another 2 hours before little Mr. showed any signs of being tired.

So, off to bed at 8pm. What followed was the usual bedtime routine where I had to go and resettle him too many times for me to want to count. He finally nodded off sometime just after 10pm. This, at the moment, seems to be the routine which we hope to break. At least we have him staying in his room most nights and not running out which is one achievement.

Using the visual cards are working - a routine I would suggest trying if you have not.

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