Daily Diary - 22nd March 2018

What a great nights sleep!

Woke up kind of refreshed

Last night I had a great night sleep. Quite amazing as I wasn't so early to bed but I managed to sleep well. Woke up around 7am before the kids - well we heard not so little Miss trying to sneak downstairs to get her tablet. As it happened I had to get up to fill in a form for my wife, a new job that she has been offered.

So, got up, started to fill in that. Then little Mr got up half way through, so I stopped and went to do his breakfast. Once done I managed to finish off the form so one task ticked.

Once done, it was back downstairs and time to get little Mr read for school, he loves school. Not so little Miss ever cooperated today...

Kids ready, school walk time

Soon it was time for the kids to goto their schools. My wife took little Mr and I walked in not so little Miss to her school. Then I had to go into work - boo.

The day went slow today and it was also one of those days where it was all a bit difficult.

So I was happy when it was home time. I had to leave 20 minutes early too as it was parents evening for not so little Miss. My wife went off with her to do that while I looked after little Mr; when he goes along we can't talk as he gets a bit disruptive. Easier to do for just one of us.

Luckily, the kids had had their dinner so there was no cooking to be done.

Once back, our dinner on

Once my wife got back I put our dinner in the over. It was a curry meal tonight, ya. As expected the kiddies started to get hungry at the smell - even though they had had McD... So they each had a hot cross bun for supper.

Once eaten it was time to try and get little Mr to bed. Unfortunately, he had a little too much energy.... He's a very loveable boy and loves the attention of play - especially when its time for bed 😉

We got a little energy out of him and took him to bed at 7:45pm. He must have been tired as he was asleep by 8:20pm. Now, if only I could get to sleep easily.

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