Daily Diary - 22nd January 2018

Phew - what a night

So, not so little Miss came downstairs late last night feeling ill. She felt sick laying down, so she plonked herself on the sofa. Turns out, that's where she was going to nod off (or rather in and out of sleep). So, one of us had to stay downstairs too to make sure she was ok - and I drew the short straw.

So, I slept in the big lounge chair, though saying sleep is probably giving an impression of more than it was - when I say sleep, I mean short naps between being woken through the night.

Then this morning it was a doctors appointment for her. She has a virus - usual thing.

Breakfast time

Little Mr came down for breakfast nice and early. He ate his breakfast and disappeared back upstairs. I think he realised that something wasn't right (for a start he had looked in our bedroom for me and I wasn't there) and that his sister looked a little ill. So, he took some toys upstairs. I even had to change him for school there.

It was soon time for him to go off to school, and for me to phone the doctors and not so little Miss's school to let them know she wouldn't be in.

Cheeky breakfast roll

My wife took our daughter to the docs, and then on the way back she needed to pick up some more 6+ Calpol. While passing good old Greggs she popped in and got 2 breakfast rolls, and a pastry for not so little Miss has she was feeling a little hungry - or enticed by the nice stuff.

It was a nice change having a breakfast roll... These are the pleasures you can enjoy if working from home. Need that more often I think.

The day then went quite quickly, to be honest. I was very busy and in a state of half asleep (or half awake, however, you look at it - I'm a glass half full person and being half asleep is that half full I felt). I did manage to get all items I needed to do, done. So that was good.

And then little Mr was back

Apparently, little Mr has been in a hyper mood at school today. That's usually something he reserves till he gets home 🙂

He came home and continued this, plus being cheeky. He and his sister had a few maltesers each; he snuck around here while she not so good and nicked a couple of hers. Cheeky mood.

This theme really continued through the night, up until it was bedtime.

Time for bed...

Bedtime today was 7pm. We tried to get both of the kids up today, mainly as it was such a bad sleep night for not so little Miss, and time for little Mr anyhow. So, 7pm to bed and it was 9:30pm before he finally gave in and went to sleep. So, time to grab some dinner, have a rest and hopefully get some sleep tonight... hopefully.

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