Daily Diary - 22nd December 2017

Well, we’re up to the 22nd now, with just a few days left. It was also the last working day of many, though some still have to work tomorrow and Sunday of course (with some on Christmas day - like my mom).

Today was an IKEA day

What I mean by that is, that, we decided to go to IKEA. We don’t go too often really, and we’ve never been to the one in Southampton - which is the closest one to us. It's quite a large one it seems, well seemed as we walked around. We picked up a few smaller items - and noted down some larger ones to possibly order in the new year. Not so little Miss wants her room changed and decorated in the new year with new bed, furniture and so on...

Yep, there is going to be an expensive change. At the same time, I will be decorating little Mr’s room too - though no new furniture for him.

Then onto Lymington

So, after our walk and food around that large flat pack furniture store - I felt the need for a little fresh air. So, on the way back we popped over to Lymington. While there, had to grab a Costa of course - then not so little Miss found some shoes she liked in a sale - and of course, more money spent. Seems my wallet is forever paying out 🙂

It was nice to get some air though, have a walk, pop down to the dock to see the boats and all that. Its good at times to just go out and take a walk.

Surprisingly, little Mr. was very good. He often has at least one little meltdown when doing something like this - its the in and out of shops which I can understand. He was very calm and quiet which was brilliant for him. Can’t say the same for not so little Miss though as she is always noisy.

Then it was back home, dinner and bedtime

Well, not all try. We went home and did dinner, then it was karate time for not so little Miss. I did give little Mr. his songs (as we call them - YouTube nursery rhymes) as he had not had them all day. He relaxed and watched them as I did a few tasks I needed to do - and then it was bedtime...

Bedtime, as usual, was a fun time - well at least for little Mr.The funny thing is, he was lying down on the sofa - but as usual, as soon as he gets into his bedroom he turns into a cheeky, destructive monster. 7pm to bed, sleep at 9:15pm. 2 hours and 15 minutes is a win as some nights its over 3.

That said, I then ran up the road in celebration and got a kebab. Yum Yum. To finish off the night and celebration I even wrote another tutorial post on my new site. Today has been a productive one.

Tomorrow, we are out at a Christmas thing with short breaks (if we're let in without receipt), so that should be a fun day to report back on.

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