Daily Diary - 21st March 2018

Today was going to be busy

Woke up this morning and lay in my bed...

Sounds like the start of a song. Well, we did wake up this morning and lay around for 15 minutes. Little Mr wanted a sleep in I think - probably as his cough kept waking him.

In the end, I got up, went downstairs and made the kids breakfast - then went up and carried him downstairs. Once eaten it was quick change time and I did the drive in today. I was working from home as I had half day to go to his ECHP review.

School drive done, down to work

I was having half day - but that half day was in the middle of my workday. So I got back and went straight to work for about 2 hours.

We then drove up to little Mr's school and spent around an hour and a half going through our year review on his EHCP. All was good so now we just have to wait for his new plan to come.

Myself and my wife then went off for a cheeky Costa - we had some vouchers from Three that gave us a free coffee - or, as we did, pay for an upgrade to larger. So, coffee and sandwich. After that it was popping into shops for some dinner stuff and home.

By the time we got back, my wife had to go off to fetch little Mr and I walked down to get not so little Miss from her school.

Back and work

As I had this 4 hour off in the middle of the day, I got back home and started work again. Funny old day. Did that work stuff (reluctant to get back) and then I was free - ya. My wife was off to attend a parents sensory learning thing with some of her friends from little Mr's school so I did the put to bed stuff.

Little Mr wet up at 7:15pm as he was certainly showing signs of tiredness. I could tell he was tired, and you know what, 7e nodded off by 7:30pm. One tired little boy tonight. His sister though, well... that is another story as must have gone 8:30-9pm for her.

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