Daily Diary - 21st January 2018

What a morning to get woken up early

I could have easily stayed in bed, though little Mr had other ideas. His idea was for me to get up and do his breakfast, and he won. Up I got at 7am, doing cereal. Had my coffee, of course, before I could even contemplate typing any tweets. I did just that though straight after.

Though, after the coffee was consumed I could start my usual tweeting comments.

Today was a horrid day, weather-wise

It seems that today, the weather was out to get us all. Horrid, simply horrid. Wet, nasty, not good to get out. As a result, the kids were going stir crazy in the house. Wet weather always does this. They know its horrid, they can see the outdoors and it just makes us miserable.

Little Mr enjoys limited play, he likes playing with sensory items. Not so little Miss has a bigger understanding and has so much to do. There's TV programs, tablet, computer, drawing, colours, but it seems she only likes to do one thing - moaning that she can't go out.

We did get out, only for some shopping. That little outing seemed to calm them down a little - swapped our 4 walls for 4 other walls (and a car journey). Still, we got ice-cream where shopping - so that helped a little.

Dinner, dessert, bath and finally bed, please?

So, after shopping, we went straight to starting dinner. We wanted to get it done a little early as we had some dessert. Evidence has it that, if we have some dessert, little Mr is VERY active. We can't 'not' give him nice sweet things, but we know that its best to have it all done before a certain time of the day.

We were successful in that, so dinner and dessert and we were hoping for a quiet bath. The bath was not quiet 🙂  and after the bath was not a relaxing time. Energy levels built up so we had a bouncing bean, boinging from one side of the room to another.

The one thing we're still working on is a good bedtime routine - probably because as we get him into one, he changes it. So, we tried for the bedtime at 7:30pm tonight. It was 9:30pm when he finally gave in. Means that we could finally get some tidy up time - ready to start the week.

I also got my geek on after with some WordPress plugin development learning.. More on that in a later post I feel.

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