Daily Diary - 21st December 2017

First day of my holiday

I woke up this morning remembering that this was the first day of my holiday for Christmas - Ya. That said, it was still an early wake up call by the kids and we had a Short Breaks trampoline session to take them to. My wife thought that booking the earlier session (9:30am), that after we’d have all day to do stuff. Then, this morning she was thinking - why did I book the early session 🙂

So, at 9:15am we went off to a VERY active session - a session where I got my weeks exercise running round between one trampoline, to another piece of equipment, to chasing little Mr. around the gymnastics floor. It was fun.

Coffee interlude

So, trampolining finished. Time for a coffee interlude. Off to Costa for a nice, well-earned coffee. Well, that and off to the car retailer to book a car service in January. Always good to get in early. What an exciting life we lead 🙂 Expensive anyhow... How expensive are these car services?

Job done, and a good one as they say.

Amazing cakes at the garden center

After a bit of boring stuff (like lunch) we popped off to the garden center. Just a quick look to see if anything nice was in there. It was big and tasty cakes. Big enough to share as it happens. It's amazing how my kids can smell the cafe a mile off - well at least lead us in the direction without signs.

We managed not to buy anything else after that.

The bedtime diary

I've said in previous posts how we have a sleep clinic appointment in January 2018. We had a lovely appointment letter arrive today - including a sleep diary we need to fill in. So bedtime tonight was recorded. Off to bed at 7:00pm as usual and the recorded time to go to sleep was 10pm.

The first day of the diary recorded, well almost. We have to record wake-up time, did he wake during the night and total hours slept. This is going to be a lot of work for this next month - but ultimately we hope it will help.

So, all that's left for me to do is the usual household things such as cleaning up after the whirlwind kids. They do make some mess.

Well that, and add a new post to my new site. This site uses the Thesis Framework - I purchased a skin. However, I am learning more about it and have created a nice new, brand new Thesis Theme Tips domain and create the site. The idea is to document as I learn - its an amazing framework so I think it will prove very interesting - and it gives me that techie outlet I need.

So, until tomorrow folks...

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