Daily Diary - 20th March 2018

5am is not my wake up time

What is it with 5am

This last few weeks have been filled with early wakeup calls - today's was 5am. I'm not sure what it is, but its tiring. Little Mr did eventually go back to sleep on the sofa, but a bit close to the actual wake up time for school.

So, we nodded off, then woke up and I did the breakfast. Then it was getting dressed time. I noticed that I have a bit of a sore throat to be fair, and a sore chest so was not sure if coming down with anything.

Little Mr went off to school, I walked in not so little Miss. Then it was time for work.

Work work work

Work was hard today, it's never easy when you're feeling a little off. As a result, it went a little slower too. I won't take you through the whole day, but let's say I was happy when it was time to leave.

I left slightly early so that I could get home and take not so little Miss to her Karate.

Little Mr was on one

When I got back, little Mr was on a high energy boost - being rather cheeky. He has a thing about drinking his juice then spitting it out. Let's just say that by 7pm it was time to goto bed.

He was asleep by 7:30pm which just shows how tired he was... Not so little Miss, now there is a different story.

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