Daily Diary - 20th January 2018

O Saturday, what a bitter disappointment not to get a sleep in

Whatever day of the week it is, wakeup time is usually around 7am - give or take 10 minutes. today was no different - we were woken up to provide the breakfast service. Kids were sitting and waiting for their breakfast - and made sure we knew about it.

So, it was time to get up, downstairs and do their breakfasts. Almost like we have a guest house... Just saying 🙂

Birthday cards to pick

Next task, after a little rest and TV, was to walk up the road to the card shop to pick up some cards for my wifes birthday on Monday. Not so little Miss always goes a little wild on the card picks - usually have to say that not spending a fiver on a card. Little Mr did get in on the act and chose out of two cards we showed him. We like to make sure he has some investment, usually by choosing a couple of items and then asking him to pick between them.

So, cards picked. Check

Steak for lunch

Back home, after a stop at the shops to pick up some bits, and it was time to cook our nice steak lunch. The kids were going to a birthday party in the afternoon, so we had cooked lunch and then dinner was what they were eating there. Lots of party food. Well, for not so little Miss anyhow, little Mr couldn’t stay too long as too many 8 and 9 year olds running around, being chaotic - he couldn’t handle it.

We went over to Waitrose to grab a free coffee, cake etc. Somehow, I managed to knock my coffee over and some of it (the bit that didn’t go just in the tray) managed to go over my lap and phone. Phone survived but the coffee in lap made it look like I had wet myself. This wasn’t my first rodeo (so to speak - or rather, wet lap) and so it was back home for a change

Little Mr tried the party again but ended up coming back home too as it was just too much.

Time to settle

So, as little Mr was home I tried to calm things down by putting some nice calming music on the Echo… not that it works that often, but always worth a try. Little Mr had some sensory play until not so little Miss came back home with my wife.

Then it was time to try and calm both of them down as bedtime was getting closer and closer - yes, right, like they would goto bed on time 🙂

It’s the bedtime game again

So, at 8pm we could see little Mr was in a hyper mood again, doing his silly, laughing meltdowns he does. However, it was time to at least try and get him into bed. It took from 8:00pm till 10pm to get him to go to sleep. Very hyper silly mood. Still, it gave me time to look at WordPress Plugin Development. I do love a challenge...

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