Daily Diary - 20th December 2017

Daily diary - 20th December 2017 - and today is a work from home day.

Work from home day

So, today is actually my last work day this year, I break up for the Christmas holiday and I have booked off time between Christmas and New Years so as to have the week. Its always a busy time anyhow of visits etc.

So, today I wanted to work from home - last one of the year ya. I'm hoping for much more next year too 🙂

What it does mean though is that the kids are buzzing around. Unlike when it's a wfh day when school is in, and the house is quiet, today it was full of noise.

The afternoon went slowly

I'm not sure why, but the afternoon went really slowly. Usually, when working from home, it goes quite quick - although this may have something with the kids being at home and not at school. The constant 'I'm bored' being the theme tune to the day.

I must say though, although it did go slow - it was nicer it going slow while working from home that if it went slowly while in the office 🙂

Little Mr. was in a mischievous mood

Of late, his personality has become more cheeky. Its great to see as he is coming out and showing use more every day. Today though, he was in a right mischievous mood. By the time we had cleaned up the mess he had made, he had produced another. It was like chasing a mini hurricane that was leaving a mess everywhere it went.

So, late afternoon, time to chill him out with a bath - which kind of worked, for about 2 minutes. I could see it being a later night tonight with him running around us in circles.

10:40pm and he finally nodded off. gives me just a couple of hours to finish this post, do the washing up, take out the bin bags and make a call. I can do it, yes I can.

Another day is done, a bit of a mixed one but some great points completed through. Sleep is a big issue, we try to deal with it by not making our 'having to go into his room to put him back in bed' fun and a game, but its always difficult when it takes hours.

Still, little Mr. is asleep now...

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