Daily Diary - 20th April 2018

Another Friday - yes, get in

Right time to get up

This morning, we got to sleep in till our alarm went off. The correct, designated waking up time. It's not too often we get to do that.

Little Mr was having a snooze in I think, going back to school has tired him a little. Not so little Miss was already up and dressed.

So, downstairs, breakfasts done. Coffee for me, tea for my wife. Then time to get little Mr ready. Not a bad morning really.

Warm day, from what I can see out of the office

So, took not so little Miss to school, then drove to work. It was such a nice day, even at just after 9am. I really regretted that I would miss all that lovely, warm on the skin sun by sitting in an office.

The cold, white walls reflected the lovely light from outside, tempting me like the scent of a freshly cooked cake. It really wasn't fair. The view from the window teasing me.

This went on until just after 5pm, which seemed to take forever to arrive - just like when waiting for a bus in the rain... I hopped on, or rather out of the building and into the last few hours of warm sun.


When I got home, my wife was still out with the kids - she had dropped off not so little Miss at her karate. She and little Mr got back around 15 minutes of me being in the house. He seemed to be in an energetic mood again, bouncing around like a toy with full batteries. To be honest, he is the energy bunny as we refer often to him.

This went on until his bedtime at 8pm, he really didn't want to go to bed and let us know for sure. He then decided to play in his bedroom, but it didn't take too long as he was asleep by 8:20pm. Must have tired himself out.

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