Daily Diary - 1st February 2018

Today was old bread Thursday...

Nobody up for breakfast

Today seemed to start off quite a lazy day. Neither of the kids got up earlier than us, which is unusual. I had to call little Mr a few times - I even had his cereal on the table. Still, he came downstairs about 7:45am half asleep - I think he woke a little in the night with a cough.

Kids ate, got ready for school. I got ready for work, then did the school walk... All fun. Then I got home and I do my lunch - bread was 2 days over. Still, checked to see if all good - nothing wrong so it was old bread for lunch... well, no time to get fresh.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go

So, next off to work. Was the usual stuff, though I was disappointed. I went into one of the big stores, I won't name them, and they had something reduced on the shelves. So I took the box up and they said - 'We don't have any in stock'.

Now, this is not the first time this same thing has happened. You take the box up and they say, we don't have that - but we have this one that is 3 times as expensive. Seriously... Did you leave the box on with a £100 price so that people would bring up and then you try and sell them the thing that is nearly £400?

Not good, and not the first time they have done something like that to me.

Work finished, ya, then back home

So, work finished. That was good. Then it was back home for dinner and fun times. Little Mr was the energy bunny, he is every night. Not so little Miss was the 9-year-old teenager. Was fun times.

Then it was bedtime. Bedtime for little Mr was 7:30pm - I know, that was a hope and dream. Was 9:30pm when he finally nodded off. Time for some adult TV, no not that kind of TV - We like Place in the Sun 🙂

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