Daily Diary - 19th March 2018

More snow!!!

Monday morning didn't want to wake up

So, Monday. Having to wake up and go into the office is never fun at the beginning of the week, after a nice weekend off. When we woke up, we looked out of the window and there was more snow on the ground - though not too thick - though thick enough on the car.

I got up, went downstairs and waited for the kids to come down. They didn't want to get up today. Shortly after getting up, we got a message from little Mr's school to say it was closed for them today. Not so little Miss didn't like the fact that her school wasn't closed - there again I would have liked a snow day.

So, got breakfast done and after which not so little Miss got ready for school. My wife walked her down today while I got ready. When back, we got little Mr changed and today my wife gave me a lift to work instead of me driving and trying to park on dodgy roads.

The good thing is I didn't have my 20-minute walk either.

A day of work

So, I got in to work and did some work stuff. I kept looking out of the window at the sleet coming down, but as the day went on the weather got better and it started to melt away. Even though still cold, the sun was out.

The day was mid-slow today - I had a few things on which kept me going, but I was happy when the day was up. My wife also picked me up today, so no 20 minutes walk again ya.

She was off out with friends tonight so I got back, did the kids some dinner while she got ready. Then she went out. Little Mr was in a playful mood tonight, even dragging his sister into the play. He like being swung about, which for not so little Miss is a lot of effort - he's a sturdy lad.

But soon it was time for bed. So, I got little Mr changed and bedtime tonight was 7:30pm and he was asleep by 8pm - coughing away.

I wish I could have said the same for not so little Miss who kept sneaking her tablet and watching YouTube till nearly 9. I dunno...

The night was young, though I was thinking up new posts 🙂

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