Daily Diary - 19th January 2018

Another Friday, ya, and another weekend about to start. We like the weekend...

Another day, another wakeup call by being jumped on

Little Mr decided it was time to wake me up this morning, so as usual, he did that by claiming onto the bed and doing the bum drop on my legs. He then proceeded to climb up the bed, pull the sheet over himself and plant himself in the middle of the bed.

So, it was downstairs, and breakfast time. It's a good job that cereal and juice in the morning before my coffee doesn't take too much brain power - caffeine is required.

Breakfast done, school run and work

Breakfast finished. Dressed for school and then the school run (I still don't understand why its a run when you walk - though I do see some parents running after their kids on scooters).

Off to work, it was dry when I got in; though I noticed through the windows there that it rain for part of the day. See, so exciting I even notice the weather...

Karate night for not so little Miss

Work finished and it was off home, though it was quiet there when got back - for a bit. It was Karate night for not so little Miss, so my wife took her in. When she got back with little Mr, he was in a hyper mood. Bouncing around like a ping-pong ball. I drove to pick up our daughter after her Karate and then it was home and bedtime for the kids.

Little Mr had a moan and a little cry when he realized it was bedtime, but seemed to go off to sleep easier tonight. He actually stayed in his bed - must have been tired. That said, it was swimming day today at his school - which I believe, at the moment, is more splashing around day.

Anyhow, not so little Miss tried to resist a little longer - but by 9:30pm it was all quiet in the house. Time for us parents to have a little chill out time - ya. Its so important, especially when so much time is taken up with little Mr and his sister, to spend those chill out moments when you can.

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