Daily Diary - 19th February 2018

I knew today would be difficult...

Wake up for work, and school

Today had to force myself to wake up. After the long day yesterday, today I could have easily slept in. Little Mr had gone straight downstairs today and was waiting; sure if we had taken longer then he would have come up to wake me

So, went downstairs and did his breakfast. Did a coffee to wake me up, and one for the wife. Not so little Miss got up too. It was back to school for little Mr today, not so little Miss is back tomorrow, so after breakfast, we got him ready for school. I had my shower and got ready for work.

My wife took little Mr to school and our daughter went with her. They were going to a local swimming pool with water slides for a morning of fun. Me, I went to work...

Too much work

Work was long… I knew it would be difficult as I still felt a little tired, but didn’t think it would be just as difficult as it was 🙂  Still, went out for a walk and some energy drink at lunchtime which got me through the day. Didn’t really accomplish everything I wanted to, but got through a number of items.

I got random texts from my wife with images of them out for breakfast, then after swimming out for lunch. Still, it was a treat for my daughter to be out with just my wife and not little Mr - they would not have been able to go there with little  Mr.

Apparently, he enjoyed being back at school today - so we were told. That said, he skipped into school this morning my wife told me - so you can tell he enjoys school.

And then it was home time

5pm came and I decided it was time for home after a long day or two. So, packed up and walked the 20 minutes to my car. Drove home, then when I was 5 minutes from home I had to do a diversion that took me 10 minutes out of my way - kind of end of a typical day really 🙂

Got home though and had an hour or so fun before little Mr had to go to bed. We took him up at 8pm. He decided he wasn't ready for it, so played his usual game of getting in and out, moaning and all that. It was 10pm before he finally nodded off. We thinking the change in the routine again, as he went back to school today, push him a little over. Just one of those things that cause a little meltdown due to change 🙂

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