Daily Diary - 18th January 2018

The first thing I thought this morning is 'Ouch, what was that bouncing on my legs', little Mr so you know, and the second thought was 'It's Thursday, ya'.

The human alarm clock strike

The human alarm clock strike is any ouch moment I get when either little Mr, or sometimes not so little Miss, decide to dive on the bed to wake me up. Me, always me. My wife always gets the pass on that one.

So, its up, downstairs and breakfast - after I make sure my wife is away too of course.

Joe's cafe for breakfast

I really need to get the kids into the routine of having the same thing for breakfast. At least they both had cereal - just not the same one. It can start to go wrong when there is cereal, toast, bacon sandwich and so on. Always feel like I am Joe and it's my cafe (Joe's cafe is the saying we always go, which I was never sure who Joe was).

When breakfast was done it was shower, dressed, then school time... One thing they both love.

As usual, work was work

I always enter this, work was work. But it was. It's not something that will interest, mainly bore you, so just know it took me 8 hours to get back out again đŸ™‚

A very active little Mr.

When back home, little Mr was on a hyperactive runaround. He has so much energy it's like watching a bouncing ball bouncing around the place. Even after he's had his 1-2 hours of running around and its time for bed (post 7:30pm and going on for 8 and beyond sometimes), he's still hyper. Tonight was one of the really silly hyper days.

He bounces on everything and anything he can. Draws lose their clothes, things go flying. Tonight was one of those nights where I was up and down to his room, putting him back in for a good hour, maybe closer to two.

In the end, he nodded off around 9:30pm which meant I got to rest a little before tomorrows fun and games - starting with the alarm wake up. Still, least then it will be Friday...

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