Daily Diary - 18th February 2018

What an early wakeup call.

My day started at 3:50am

So, I had to do a little work this morning, so I had to get up at 3:50am to log on at 4am. Only do this time a couple of times or so a year, but always difficult. So, got a coffee, sat down and logged on.

All was going well, then at 4:30am my daughter woke for the loo - saw my light on and came and asked for some juice. At the same time, little Mr woke up - not so good. So, put little Mr back into bed (he was moaning away). Got some juice for not so little Miss and put her back to bed. Then continued on working.

Over the next hour I put little Mr back to bed twice - but at 5:30am (and the third time) I thought he isn’t going to goto sleep. Luckily, he sat around while I managed to finish up - so 5:50am we came downstairs and he had a little cereal.

What an early wake-up call that was.

Pancakes for breakfast

When my wife and daughter came down we decided it should be pancakes for breakfast.

Personally, I was a little tired to cook them, so I left my wife to do that as I zoned out on the sofa - though at that time I'd been awake for 4 long hours. It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t get back to bed. Though the pancakes certainly made me feel better with a little more energy.

Once eaten, we just chilled out in front of the TV watching programs like Fantasy House By The Sea and other abroad house buying programs. That was a good morning.

Little Mr had a snooze

Late morning, so about 11:30am, little Mr nodded off on the sofa. I would have loved to have done the same, I had to shoot up the road through to get bits for a lovely Sunday roast. So, I left my wife and kids at home while I shot out.

Have to say, lunch was great. Little Mr started to get irritable before it - we think it was a combination of tired and hungry. We do love a good Sunday roast though - followed by a bit of Apple Strudle and Custard.

After we popped out for a drive.  We wanted to go check out a house and area my wife had seen on Rightmove. Was a nice little drive out - it set the chilled afternoon really.

We got back and did some more chilling. Little Mr had a nice bath and a smaller dinner after the big lunch. Then it was bedtime. Little Mr went to bed at 7:30pm. It was 9:30pm when he finally gave in to sleep - surprised it too that long. After it was time for some Sunday night TV.

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