Daily Diary - 18th December 2017

It started with oversleeping

Today was one of those days where we overslept. The unusual thing about it is, the kids were awake and didn't wake us.

Usually, on a morning, we get a wakeup call which basically consists of one of the kids shaking or jumping on our bed and asking us for breakfast. Instead, they decided to just wait downstairs until we got up... which meant that we overslept, I had to rush and show and get ready for work.

Fun start to the day. Still, I did manage to get it all done including the breakfasts.

Work was work and kids had half lazy day

I won't bore you with the work stuff, I went to work, I did some work and then I finished at 5ish. Not so little Miss and little Mr, my wife reported, had a bit of a lazy morning - apparently they didn't want to get out of their PJ's. Though my wife managed to get them to change and they went out to a local country park for a bit of a walk, bit of rock hunting and a coffee and cake in the cafe. Certainly, a little more fun than work...

Evening came and so did bedtime

The problem with working is that you miss half of the day and you only get the reports back as a third party. This changes, of course, when I get home. I get to have fun with the kids - and then the fun of the bedtime.

Little Mr. was in a playful mood and so we had a little playtime. Then came bedtime. 7:30pm, as usual, we took him off to bed. We had the usual fun times of back and forth, showing the bed card, trying to limit the fun so that he would go to sleep. Harder said than done.

Little Mr. played his game until 10pm - me back and forth, him up and down. Until, eventually, he did go to sleep... Another day ended, not full of excitement, a routine is the best solution.

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