Daily Diary - 18th April 2018

Little Mr did not want to wake up today

Little sleep in - boo ya

So, little Mr didn't want to wake up today it seems. We got up around 7:30am, not so little Miss got up at 7:30am, but little Mr kept hiding under his bedding. He was smirking away, so probably being cheeky.

So, went downstairs and made his breakfast. Called him and as soon as he heard the word breakfast - he was running down.

Next, it was get him ready for school and off he went. I walked not so little Miss in and tried to go to work...

Traffic, traffic, traffic

So, I tried to go to work. In 30 minutes I had travelled less than half a mile. So, time to turn round, go home and work from there for a few hours, then go in.

So, drove home, logged on and did some work stuff... The great thing was, I stayed until lunchtime so had a nice toasted sandwich for a change. Then, instead of driving in myself - my wife dropped me in.

Finish time...

So, work was work. My wife was going to pick me up, but on the way, they went into Burger King and kids had a cheeky takeaway lunch. Well, they actually ate in there but... including some lovely ice cream apparently.

Next, they picked me up and I got to drive the rush hour traffic for them. I do have fun. As it was a nice day though, and as loads of traffic, I drove a slightly longer and more scenic route. Took little more time to get back, what with roadworks.

When back it was dinner time - yum.


7:30am was bedtime for little Mr. The way he was being active though I knew it was not going to be a simple 'go to sleep'.

He was jumping around on the bed, running out of the bedroom. It's all about sticking to your principle of bedtime, taking him back to bed, not showing play or interaction. This always carries on for a while and it was 9:15pm when he finally nodded off. Phew.

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